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About Us

Who we are & what we do

We are the finest collection of Wedding Cards in TUTICORIN, with the prestigious of excellence in designing and printing along with hearts and minds of innumerable happy customers. Today ASVS WEDDING CARDS stands for invitations in style with a wide range of options to to suit every one's taste, be it traditional, modern designs or cards with a classical touch. Our range of cards is so exhaustive that each time you visit ASVS WEDDING CARDS, you're sure to find something new to suit your needs.

Even though the world is glued to social networks, people in India like to stick to the traditional way of doing things thereby taking our culture and heritage to new levels. The moment you think about marriage the first question is about the invitations. As the big day is decided your hunt for the best wedding cards starts on a high note. we are pioneers in making the dream of your perfect wedding into a reality with our wedding cards. India stands out as an example for Unity in diversity and we abide by the same. We have cards that will suit the needs of Hindu, Muslim and Christian. But we have something in common quality. Our cards are a class apart and only the best of the best are featured in our stores

We understand that the marriage industry is booming and people in India spend a whopping sum to make things happen. So the importance of a wedding cards is all that we concentrate on. We design theme based wedding cards based on your specifications and we make sure the smile and wow element stays intact